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About Goal Setting

How to make friends



Hello there, I am Michael Weber, the founder and creator of the this interactive goal setting site. On this site you can show your goals to entire world, get support and support others at the same time.

What is the purpose of showing my goal to others?

The approach, showing your goal online to others has a tremendous effect on your willingness and endurance to achieve your goal.

It is always easier to give up then to go for something. Ask yourself, how many times you wanted to achive something but at the end you failed because you lost interest, had not time or another plausible excuse. makes it "harder" for you to find an excuse not going for your goals since you already told about your goal to others. They count on you and they want to see your success!

At the same time your friends are supporting you by leaving comments on your goal page. This is like a clap on your shoulders, telling you "Hey Buddy! You are doing a great Job!"

Watching other peoples goal is fun!

You might have seen already the goal graphs. It is a great feeling to show your success on the graph to other site visitors. This gives you additional endurance! It's also highly affecting your visitors desire to set up their own goals!

You only can win!

  • Achieve more
  • Increase your motivation to achieve
  • Improve performance
  • Increase your pride and satisfaction in your achievements
  • Improve your self-confidence

Future Outlook

The following features are coming soon (sooner or later) on

Goal Setting Blog
To enhance the communication between users, I will soon implement a blog interface where you can write your daily comments about your goal. Do  you already write your own blog? An Interface to other blog systems like will let you implement your blog at

Goal Rings
Similar goals can be formed to goal rings where you can achieve your goal in a small groups.

Let others know about
It is time to show your goal to the world!

Yours sincerely